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Omsys Tutorial

If you wish to start with an Omsys Tutorial here is the first one:
Internet Marketing System and Email Marketing System Setup
Otherwise, manual pages below:

1a. Omsys - Admin

Image Back to Admin
Image Omsys Home
Image Template Setup
Image Subscriptions
Image Ad. Co-Op
Image Email All
Image Phone Script
Image User Maint
Image Quick Send Emails
Image Compliance List
Image Reporting
Image Compliance Report
Image Translate
Image Omsys Help

1b. Omsys - Members

(a) Omsys Home
(b) Omsys Help
(c) Members Lounge Overview
(d) Contacts

  • i. Today's Contacts
  • ii. Add Contact
  • iii. All Contacts
  • iv. Email Group
  • v. Search
  • vi. Reminder
  • vii. Contact Category

(e) Mentoring
(f) Traffic Generation

  • i. Ad Co-Op
  • ii. Traffic Rotator
  • iii. Contact Insert Form

(g) Email Campaigns

  • i. Series Edit
  • ii. Subscriptions

(h) Website Edit

  • i. Site Edit
  • ii. First Emails
  • iii. Site Questions
  • iv. Gateway Pages
  • v. Site Presentation
  • vi. Shorten URL

(i) Configure

  • i. Default Setup
  • ii. Reminder
  • iii. My Details
  • iv. My Subusers

(j) Statistics

  • i. Website Statistics
  • ii. Email Statistics
  • iii. Notes Statistics

Newer Systems

Image Calls & Contacts

Image Today's Calls
Image Mentoring
Image All Contacts
Image Add Contact
Image Search

Image Email

Image Series Edit
Image Email Group
Image Subscriptions

Image Configure

Image Default Setup
Image Reminder

Image Website Setup
Image Edit Site
Image Survey Questions
Image Gateway Pages
Image Site Presentation
Image Members - Shorten URL
Image Phone Script Pages

Image Contact Category
Image My Details
Image My Subusers

Image Misc

Image DistMaint - Sponsor Summary
Image Insert Contact Form
Image Traffic Generation
Image Ad Co-Op
Image Insert Contact Form
Image Traffic Rotator
Image Statistics
Image Website Statistics
Image Email Statistics
Image Notes Statistics
Image Calling Log Import

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