Product Edit - Mandatory Autoship

This is a TUTORIAL on how to Configure the Mandatory Autoship section in the Product Edit page.

This is where you can add an item as a Mandatory Autoship which triggers when users buy the parent item. This means that on purchasing the parent item, the item specified as a Mandatory Autoship will be added to the autoship rotation. Start with clicking on the add new button below in the section.


A new browsing window should open, containing the list of currently available autoship items in your system. Select the items by checking the corresponding boxes in the Sel column and set the quantity in the Qty box. Once done, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the window.


On submitting the request, the Add Products window will automatically close, while the Mandatory Autoship list gets refreshed with the latest updates.

  • ItemCode: The unique identification code for the item you have specified while adding the product.
  • Product: The name or the short description of the product/item you have specified while adding the product.
  • Qty: The number of items you have added to make it available in the autoship content area.
  • Delete: Click on the X icon to remove the corresponding pricing, followed by confirming your action.