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  • 1. How to make products unavailable for Admins & Members? Prevent a product/item from displaying in the shopping cart?
    In order to remove products from the view of members you can simply set the product to Disabled. However, if you wish to make this product unavailable for Admins it is a bit trickier. The first thing you can do is set the product as Out of Stock so that the admin won't go to purchase this item, or you could make all admins & staff aware of these changes so they wont purchase an item if it is disabled for members.
  • 2. How to re-run declined autoships? Where can I find and/or enable/disable this feature?
    There is an option within the systems that allows you to rerun autoships every X number of days. This will also send them a email notifying them of the declined autoship. The system is set at a default 3 re-attempts and the order will be deleted and the member will be terminated. If you wish to enable this function in your system please contact INS support.
  • 3. Can I delete a product or an item and then re-create the same in shopping cart? What are the risks in doing this?
    Instead of deleting a product or an item, we suggest you to disable the same (along with disabling the product properties). If the product or the items under it are not deleted completely, then it may cause interference to the new product and as a result the members will be confused with the data in the shopping cart. In case you are required to do so, then make sure that all your staffs are aware of the changes. Also ensure that all the items under the product you want to delete are removed first and completely. In case of any doubts, contact INS Support or submit a mantis bug.

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