Set Service Fee And Withdrawal Limit

This is a TUTORIAL on how to set up a service fee, as well as a minimum and maximum limit for withdrawals in your system.

Go to Configuration > Money > Payment Types from the left hand menu or click on Payment Types under Configuration on the home page.


This will redirect you to the Payment Type Options page. Scroll down the list and locate the payment method(s) by which you allow the members to withdraw funds from their Personal Account and then click on the Edit button at the end of that row. Let's use Check as our withdrawal option.


This will bring up the Payment Charge Type window, where you can configure this payment method to suit your requirement. Please refer to the Payment Types Setup manual to learn more about these settings. Confirm that the Outgoing option is ticked below. Now click on the Service Fee Detail button.


The Payment Type Detail window will pop-up (do not close the previously opened windows). Now set up the service fee and withdrawal limit for a currency type by editing the values in the respective fields (as described below) and then click on the Update button to save and apply the changes.

When charging a service fee for this payment type, define the amount in either (as required) of the following fields. Input must be numeric.

  • Outgoing Fee: If you want to charge a flat service fee for this withdrawal type. Specify a fee amount to be charged to use flat fee amounts.
  • Outgoing Fee%: If you want to define the service fee in terms of a percentage of the withdrawal amount requested. Check the example shown.

For limiting the withdrawal amount to the members through this payment type, edit the values in the following fields for the preferred currency type.

  • Pay Out Min: Set the value for the minimum amount that a member can withdraw from his Personal Account.
  • Pay Out Max: Set the value for the maximum amount that a member can withdraw from his Personal Account.


Important Note

  • When configuring the service fee, if you set the Outgoing Fee (flat fee) and Outgoing Fee% (percentage fee), they will both be charged.
  • To remove the service fee and/or withdrawal limit, simply set the respective values to 0 (zero) and then update the preference.
  • If you have allowed multiple currencies in your system, then remember to set the service fee and/or withdrawal amount for every currency.

After the conditions are set, the member should notice the messages after selecting the payment method for withdrawal. Here's how it looks;