Members - Promotion Tips

Click on Support on the left hand side to expand the menu structure, and then click on the Promotion Tips sub-menu to go to that page.


This is simply a page where the system provides a book mark link for members to book their pure URL i.e. without the Session Variable - a proper book mark that will always work. The content on this page is self-explanatory. Go through it and if any query contact support or raise a support ticket.

  • We recommend you to put any other information you have for your members onto this page for teaching them how to promote your business.
  • This is the link to your personal website: http://www.domainname.com/[yourusername]. To share the link copy/paste the entire URL of your website.
  • To bookmark the above address, click on the Bookmark this! link below and it will add the appropriate book mark that will work for you forever.