Internet Next Step System Security

  • All INS Systems are 100% secure, or as close to 100% secure as possible with today's technology. Even the CIA system is not 100% secure in today's world.

  • The system is secure with SSL on pages where it's required. As SSL pages increase system overload and can hurt performance, we do not secure every page in the signup process, as it is not required. Also, for your information, SSL is a total scam in today's browser world anyway.

  • Browsers are secure beyond the safety of an SSL certificate right out of the box. It is an ancient thing that used to matter, where the world was trained to understand. Now we all pay extra just to make it appear safe, when in fact the SSL does little or nothing to increase security.

We have never had a breach, or been woken up by folks trying numerous times, as we have extensive hacker alerts in place.

Credit Card Security

  • As you know, networkers never tell the truth. If the system wasn't secure, you would have hundreds of people calling with the complaint. Hackers do not steal and use only one card number! and they don't take their time to use what they steal either.

  • All cards are stored encrypted on your system as per PCI compliance regulations, so even if one was stolen somehow, it would not be in a readable format.

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