Binary Point Flushing

How it works:

Member's points are flushed (removed from current standing) automatically if they do not have qualifying volume for the current commission period at the time the commission run is processed.
If the member has existing points and they also have qualifying volume for the period, the existing points will be carried over to the next period.

This is calculated on a payment basis, if there are pending orders which have not yet been paid then they do not count toward volume.
Only when the orders are paid do they count toward volume.

This is important to realise as members may have orders pending, so expect this to count as having volume for the period... but if those orders are not paid before the commission run they will not generate volume and the member's existing points will be flushed.

Settings which affect point flushing:

1) Manual Title Flags

If you set a manual title flag for a distributor, the distributor will still need to achieve the system minimum required volume to avoid points being flushed.
They may still get commissions for their flagged title excluding binary commission.
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2) Maintained Flag

There is also a flag for "Maintained". If you set the Maintained flag for a distributor, they don't need to achieve the system required volume for points to carry over to the next commission period. Their points never get flushed.

Reinstating Lost Points:

If you wish to reinstate lost points which were automatically flushed, here is how:

1) Log in as Admin

Go to Distributor >> (search for the member you wish to correct)

2) Click the ID number on the left side of the row for the member:


  • The distributor's details page should display:


  • Now we are viewing information specific to that member.

3) Click on the Earnings menu item in the left side menu:


  • The Earnings screen should be shown for the selected member:


  • Above we can see the member's volume in the Summary of Downline Orders By Commission Period.
  • The Balance column shows the total points which would be carried forward to the following period's Br.Fwd. (brought forward) column if not flushed.

4) Write down the left and right Balance values for the period which was flushed (the previous period).

5) Now click on the Volume Adjust menu item in the left side menu:


  • This shows the Volume Adjust screen. Here we can modify the member's volume.:


Note: if the member has existing volume for the period it will be shown here. You must add the Balance values written down in the previous step to any existing values to calculate the total you should enter.

6) Enter the new volume amounts for the current period (the total amount) and click 'Update'.

The page will refresh, showing the new amounts.

Note: remember that the member will need to have qualifying volume within the current period to carry the adjusted point total forward when the commission run processes.

Note: the volume adjustment will not affect upline/downline volumes.

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