Website Edit

i. Site Edit

Below you will find a listing of all your autoprospecting sites, any expired sites will be editable here however they will be non-functional from the internet. You cam click on the name of the site you wish to edit.

Details on adding your own domain :

Once you have created your own domain above, a request is issued in the system to add your domain to our name servers. Your site will take approximately 24 - 48 hours
to become operational.

ii. First Emails

This page is where you put the contents of the emails the system sends out automatically once a prospect fills in your form. 1 is an email to them giving them a nice thank you notice and it is a good idea to also give them your contact details so they know a real human exists behing the system. The other is the email you get from the system notifying you that a new person has gone through your system and filled in the form. You can use macros to add fields so you know who the person was and their contact information and such so you can contact them. You will be able to do this just by checking your email and not always needing to jump into your contact manager.

You choose the email you wish to edit by choosing it from the dropdown menu.
That will then bring up the email you have chosen and you are free to edit it.

iii. Site Questions

This is a list of questions you can create so that you better know what your user base wants and what they are likely to spend or buy. Here you can add whichever questions you would like your prospects or current members to be able to answer.

There is also a new contact priority section.
- By setting up a specific answer with a priority below you can sort new contacts as they enter your autoprospecting site form questions.

iv. Gateway Pages

This is for gateway page editing. Here you can create a new gateway page as well as editing old ones that you already have. By choosing either, Add New or another of your gateways from the pull down menu the page content will appear so you are able to edit it.

v. Site Presentation

Click here to be directed to our Site Presentation section.

vi. Shorten URL

Use this tool to Dramatically Shorten your long URLS. This is very handy for Twitter, or for placing Advertising.

For example, say your MLM Company replicated website is: http://www.thebestmlmcompanyintheworldforme.com/ilovemlm

This URL is over 50 characters. In Twitter, you would have 90 left to make your point.
In a magazine or Newspaper, you would have a 2 line URL adding confusion and lots of cost to your advertisement.

1. Simply take your long URL:
http://www.thebestmlmcompanyintheworldforme.com/ilovemlm (substitute your real URL of course!)

Place it in the Long URL box.

2. Select the domain you wish to use from the list, for example twt.bz

3. Select what shortcut you wish to use, for example mlm

4. Hit Submit.

You will see now you can use something like http://twt.bz/mlm instead of your huge long URL.

http://twt.bz/mlm which will redirect to the Long URL you entered.

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