Traffic Rotator

Traffic Rotator

The Traffic Rotator allows you to rotate Business Prospects that you generate to other Omsys users, by entering their Handles in the fields below.

New Business Prospects you generate through your landing page will always be rotated according to the table below.


  • The value entered in the 'Handle' field must be the user's valid login Handle for Omsys.
  • Please verify that you have an appropriate Handle before adding it to the traffic wheel, since traffic credited to incorrect Handles is added to yourself by default.
  • The value you enter in 'Promo Code' will appear in the user's contact manager to show which Business Prospects came from this traffic rotator.
  • Use the 'Note' field to keep track of whose Handle you are entering.
  • You can turn each Handle on and off by using the Active checkbox.
  • You can enter an Handle more than once to give it a larger percentage of the total traffic.
  • To add more Handles fill in the five blanks and press submit. Then you will see more blanks.

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