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This section is where you can edit your Site presentation. It is self-explanatory, however I will guide you through the sections.

Site Presentation
Title Description
Choose Audio File: This is where you can upload the audio file you want played. Hit the browse button and choose the file from your computer. Once you have chosen the file continue down to Audio File Length. Please do not hit the Use as Default tick box if you are using a audio file. This option is only used when using the video option.
Enter a full URL for Video: You can enter a URL in here and it will display video, it is recommended to use YouTube. If you have chosen this option, use the tick box.
Audio File Length: Specify as close as you can in seconds the length of the audio/video.
Audio File Size: Specify as close as you can in bytes the size of your audio/video.
Next Button Timing: Here you can specify in seconds how long you want the prospect to wait before they can proceed to the next screen.

Once you have filled in the above information hit the upload new button.

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