Public Area

Public Area

The Public Area is also known as your Replicated Website and is all controlled through our Webeditor Content Management System.

A few main things to look at on this page are:

Member Signup

This is the function used for members to Join your MLM. We recommend leaving the default configuration that will force a prospect to enter the Username of the member that referred them in order to proceed to join, should they happen to end up at your root URL like http://www.yourcompany.com vs a replicated site where the system would atuomatically know who they belong to like, http://www.yourcompany.com/username.

It is not good business practice to allow members to join from the coporate site as it can be seen as "poaching" by MLM Leaders in the industry. It is very possible that someones contact has forgotten or not bothered to type the username onto the end of the URL and attempts to join. If your system accepts the signup, it is very likely someone will be very frustrated with your company thinking you "Stole" the signup, or have an inferior system.

The Join function takes personal information first, then allows member to select from showcased items, or go into the shopping cart to select their intial purchase based on wholesale pricing, they then can select an autoship item for the following months right during signup, insert their payment details and complete the signup and autoship setup all in one smooth process.

Product Order

The Product Order section is where a typical "Retail" customer would join. They would First see your shopping cart with retail prices, select their order, THEN enter their personal details and pay and checkout to complete the process. The logic is commit them to the purchase before asking for personal details.

Member Login

Where the member clicks to be taken to the Member Login page as well as where they can use the Password Retrieval Autoresponder should they forget their password.


This is where any of your Public noted FAQ items you have entered will display.


This is where someone who is NOT a member or customer yet could submit a support ticket direct to the company and have it join your queue of Support Tickets for answering.

All these items are standard turned ON in the INS MLM Software but you can turn them off should you wish by setting them to sort order 0 (zero) in the Webeditor CMS section.

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