Phone Script Pages

Phone Script Pages

This is the part of Omsys where the phone scripts are created. These phone scripts will be sent to potential prospects after they have been contacted for the first time.

You have the ability to create as many phone script pages as you want and each page can send a different message for a difference response to each individual prospects response.


Title Description
Page Name This is the page name that will be displayed at the end of the URL. For example if you name this page phone-script the URL will be www.xxxx.sysaps.com/phonescript.
Title Title of the page.

Below you can add your page information this editing page is similar to the rest of the editing pages within Omsys. You will want to include your sites macro's within these pages because these phone scripts will be sent out to multiple prospects.


Meta tags is where you enter your page tags so that potential prospects can find this page when using search engines.


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