Omsys Products Shopping Cart Setup

How to create a bundled item for Signup/Renewal and Advertising Co Op in Omsys Autoprospecting System

1. Log in to the client's Admin at ****.sysaps.com/admin; where **** represents the 4 digit Company No. of the client.

2. Go to System > Product Maint

3. Under Omsys Autoprospecting Systems, click on Add New Product.

4. From the drop down for Category, choose Omsys Autoprospecting Systems.

5. Type in the name of the product, a short Description of it, enter an Item Code and image (if available).

6. Click 'Save Product'

image 1 to be inserted

7. This takes you back to the Product list where you can see the product you just created under Omsys Autoprospecting Systems.

8. Click the 'Edit' button beside the Product and this brings you up to the Product Details page from where you can Edit the past details and insert more information about the Product.

9. Under Product Price, you may add different Product Prices in several currencies allowed in your account by clicking the Add New button. Save the changes by clicking the Save Product Price button.

insert image 2

10. Under Product Volume, you may insert the BV of your product according to the commision plan you have chosen and it's corresponding currency. You can add new levels by clicking the Add New feature. Save the changes by clicking the Save Product Volume button.

insert image 3

11. Under Package contents, you can actually select the individual items that make upfor the Signup and Renewal Package. Clicking on Add New, opens a popup from where you can select the products by checking the box against them and and insert their corresponding quantity

Signup Items

For signup, we select the following items;

EC (Contacts) (Qty 1000)- This means we have set that anyone buying Omsys with this item will be allowed to have 1000 contacts in the contact manager before they have to upgrade.

ES (Extra Series) (Qty 10) - This implies that the member can have up to 10 different email series to use in the system.

SUBS (Qty 1) - This is just necessary, it triggers the system to set up. Without subs specified, the omsys system will not set up correctly.

AC_SH Ad Co-Op Share Initial Order (Qty 1) - This is the part where we trigger this member to get into the Advertising co op with one share. Our Suggested prices are $30 a month for the Prospecting System, and $25 a month PER SHARE of Ad Co Op. Members can order as many shares as they want. This item is specifically the initial order. It open up a spot on the traffic rotator list.

AP_EL (Qty 1000) - Extra listens is a bit of a relic but helps our clients to create value where needed in the omsys system. In the old days bandwidth was expensive, and as Omsys works on an audio or now video message, it was important to control costs so this item actualy limited how many times the audio message or video message could be watched before the member had to pay more money. So we limit it to 1000 so if a client wants to have a product they charge moremoney for, they could allow say 2000.

AP_ES (Qty 1) - This is to let a client have one member who has more than 1 auto prospecting site in his account. This in the item that would trigger this.

Renewal Items

AC_SH_RN Ad Co-Op Share Monthly Renewal/Autoship (Qty 1)


EC (Contacts) (Qty 100)

AP_EL (Qty 1000)

Click Submit on the Popup window to accept the items.

They will look like this in the Product Details page.

insert image 5

12. Under Product Properties, you can choose to display whom to display the Signup package and Renewal package

Signup Package

Check the following

Signup (Prospect)
Showcase (Signup)

Renewal Package

Check the following

Showcase (Autoship)

insert image 6

Save the changes by clicking the Save Product Properties button.

Create a test signup on the cleint's site and check to see whether the products are displayed propery during signup and renewal.