MLM Knowledge

Question: Should Distributors be able to use the Logo or Business Name in any advertising they choose to do?

Answer: It is best to NOT allow the use of name and trademarks. It is also best to state that no domain names including names, trademarks, or parts of trademarks can be registered or used.

Question: How do Points Relate to Multiple Currencies?

Answer: There is a time when points have a dollar value. It is when commissions are paid, but in a single currency company, the value is 1 to 1 so often never shows up.

For example. Fred buys $100 worth of product which is 80points when he joins. Let us assume his upline is qualified to earn commissions on Fred at 10%.

Fred's Upline earns 10% x 80 = 8points x $1/point = $8 USD. (if your base currency is USD, if not it would be your base currency)

You could then have different currencies so that..

If Reinhard in Austria buys 100 euro for a product that generates 80 points when he joined, his upline, Now a European Vs. American, who also joined and paid in Euro would earn.

10% x 80 = 8points x 0.75Euro/Point = 6 euro. (You would assign the conversion rate)

This example is true if USD was your initial base currency.

Question: How do we allow members to join from our corporate site?

Answer: Nobody should every be able to join from your root url, like www.domain.com. Allowing this allows big power leaders to feel you poach members, thus likely not bothering to join your company. Even though the INS MLM Software system has a place to allow you to set to allow this, it is HIGHLY recommended you do not allow this. Read More?