Email Campaigns

Series Edit

This is where you add, edit and view email series to send out.

Current Series

The first section will show you the current series selected.

Series ID - This is the ID given to each series in your email campaign.

Series Name - This is the name that you give the series of emails.

Series Type - Here is the label of the type of series.

Regular Email Series
Quick Send Email
Greeting Card

Language - Choose your language of choice.

Entry Date - Date the series was entered.

Edit/Del - Click to edit or delete a series.

Corporate Series Available


This is where you have your Current Subscriptions and Series Listing.

Up the top of the page is a search function to easily find a group of people.

Completed - This is the status of the series sent to people.

Yes - Shows all the people who have received an entire series
No - Shows all the people who haven't received an entire series

Status - This is the ststus of the people within your subscription section.

All - Shows everyone.
Active - Shows all actives.
Suspended - Shows all who are suspended.
Cancelled - Shows all who are cancelled.

Submit - Click this to change the result table to the people you are looking for.

Below that is a list of people currently subscribed or having a series emailed to them.

Series - This is the ID given to each subscription in your email campaign.

LastDate - This is the last date that your subscription was send out.

NextDate - This is the next date that your subscription will be send out.

Next Email - This is the number of the next email you will send out.

Status - This is the status of the person receiving the email.

Name - This is the name of the person receiving the email.

Category - This is the category that the individual is in.

Email - This is the email address your email will be send to.

Update Sub - This is where you click if you want to edit details.

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