Compliance List

j. Compliance List

This is where admin creates a list of words that both ADMIN and USERS will not be able to have present in any of their website copy, or scrolling text copy, or survey questions copy.

This section will grow and grow and get more and more powerful the longer you use it.

For example, lets say a member puts in his copy that your product cures cancer, and you have cancer on the compliance list.

The system would politely inform the member that he is not allowed to use that word. As we do not trust networkers to get the point and do the right thing, the system will also put the member on a naughty list for you to review how they fixed the wrong sentence.

Should they have just used Melenoma instead of Cancer, you can add it to the list, and then send them an email explaining they are not allowed to make cure claims and will be terminated if they do it again.

You will be safe to know the next member can not use either word.

This may trigger you to think of a bunch of other cancer related words to add to the list. Maybe their solution was to change the word to c.ancer or ca.ncer to get aroudn the filter, this will also teach you what to add to the compliance list in order to stop if from happening in the future.

The more you use the system, the more members will try to do things you are not in favour of and you can then block by putting the appropriate terms onto the blocked list.

You just saved yourself from a TON of potential regulatory issues as a member making such a claim can hurt the company substantially.

None Compliance Word - Type in word you wish to be added to the list and hit Add New >>. Word will then be added to the list.

Update - Hit Update to change the word

Delete - Hit Delete to delete the word.

NOTE: make sure when you are creating any words that there are no spaces otherwise you could potentially block " " without realising it. so that users cannot put a space between words.

Should you get The following error message,

"Error : you have used 1 or more non compliant words in your text that will need to be changed before you can save. Please change these words immediately.
Please Change the following words : "

It would be due to the issue mentioned above. An admin user would have added an empty string or space (" ") to the Compliance List. They either typed a space and submitted, or just hit submit without typing anything possibly.

Once you have a space on your compliance list, any word combination or sentence with a space in it will instantly become invalid.

To fix this issue simply take the space entry off your compliance list and the system will go back to working as you expect.

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